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Holdover Oscillators
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Use Vectron High Stability Oscillators as the foundation for your Holdover application. Vectron's innovative Holdover Oscillators offer low noise, optimum stability, smallest footprints and proven phase stability during Holdover.

Recommended Holdover Oscillators for maintaining a high stability local reference at the base station

Specification # Std Freq. (MHz) Type Size (mm) Package Holdover
24hrs ±2°C
Temp. Range Output Supply
OX-171 5 to 20 OCXO 28 x 38 x 14 Through Hole ro SMD 6µs –40 to 85°C CMOS, Sinewave 3.3,5.0 or 12.0V
MX-041 5 to 15 OCXO 50.8 x 50.8 x 14.55 Through Hole 6µs –20 to 70°C CMOS, Sinewave 5.0V or 12.0V
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